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At Sorrell 

We work on a smaller scale which allows focus on every single step, from selecting the perfect parcels of land, fostering relationships with the growers, hand-picking grapes and tasting every barrel. This commitment ensures the ideal characteristics for the wines we want to make. 

Committed to traditions, place of origin and respect for the meticulous work done in the vineyards, we aim to ensure that all that hard work and love of the land is in every bottle. Indigenous vineyard yeast fermentations are used extensively in Sorrell wines to build on the flavour profile, structure and intensity of mouthfeel but, more importantly, to make that connection to place. 

This minimal manipulation of the final product allows an authentic interpretation of the soil, vines and season to shine through humility and dedication to achieving the purest wines possible.

They're proudly cool climate wines, aged in French oak, with a lovely line of pure fruit, subtlety, and elegance. The pristine fruit and refreshing acidity give them restraint, allowing them to age beautifully.


Our Winemaker 

'After nine years of corporate banking in London, I longed for something else; I was fortunate to take a break from corporate life and spend some time working on luxury boats in Europe and, at the end of the season, found myself invited back to a friend's village in France. It was harvest time. Wide-eyed, watching the excitement and celebration, I saw a harvest up close, and I loved it. My long respect for nature was imparted to me from a young age by my grandfathers, growing up on a New Zealand farm with them. Being a part of this harvest lifestyle in France was infectious, and I knew from that moment I wanted to exist in this world. 

Upon returning to London ultimately knew I wanted to make wine. I resigned from my job and headed home to New Zealand to study winemaking in Hawkes Bay. During my years there, I crammed in four-night vintages and was hooked. 

After graduating, I landed my first winemaking role in the Swan Valley, north of Perth. That role gave me an understanding of bulk winemaking, which was all about the bottom line; it lacked excitement and craftsmanship. With the arrival of my first child, I knew it was now or never - my family relocated to the famed Margaret River region, where I was fortunate to work under some exceptional winemakers. At the same time, I honed my skills, moving up the ranks within the premium winery and transferring within the company to New Zealand.

Developing my career in premium brands has dramatically benefited my winemaking skills. But, like many winemakers, I wanted to see what I could do without the constraints of working in a corporate winemaking setting, so I founded Sorrell Wines'.  

Daniel Sorrell

Director & Winemaker 

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